1979 Pontiac Trans Am Super Rare Atlantis Blue

Assembled at GM’s Van Nuys CA manufacturing facility, this super clean, 1979 Pontiac Trans Am It’s always nice to see a late model second generation Trans Am that isn’t black and gold. This RARE and UNIQUE Atlantis Blue Trans Am maintained it’s integrity, and thanks to a subdued monochromatic body, still looks modern even today. Up front, a slick and pliable urethane bumper hangs four pristine headlights above large dual air intakes which, while still being instantly identifiable as Pontiacs familiar split grille face, give the car much more presence. Behind that front bumper, a shaker hood proudly displays “T/A 6.6” denoting a rare and optional W72 Pontiac engine. At the sides of the car, gold “Trans Am” call outs combine with two tier marker lights, metal air extractors, B­pillar ‘screaming chicken’ decals and rear wheel air deflectors to give the car a detailed and aggressive look. And at the top of the car, optional chrome drip rails combine with chrome B­pillar trim to highlight a stiff hardtop roof. At the back of the car, an optional electrically defrosted rear window sits above a third gold laced “Trans Am” call out which spans a correct rear decklid spoiler; and a sweet looking blacked out tail light panel hangs above the Firebird exclusive Lift this Trans Am’s metallic blue hood and you’ll find a freshen engine bay which houses the final, and some say greatest, Pontiac block ever created: an original 400 cubic inch W72 V8. By utilizing a thicker casting, chrome moly piston rings, a revised camshaft, a better oil pump, a better distributor and smaller ‘6X’ heads from Pontiac’s own 350 , the W72 created higher compression and successfully reversed almost a decade of declining horsepower numbers.

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